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Never run out of light thanks to this rechargeable battery powered LED light.

LED lamp
One of the best options you can find on the market.
360° illumination
Light output up to 500 lumens, and 360° illumination.
You can take this
lamp anywhere!

About Smart Popup Light

This portable LED light is perfect for camping, power outages, indoors and outdoors as it can be hung and also uses batteries, so you can use rechargeable ones.
  • Instant on with just a pull of a handle, over 50,000 hours of life, high quality and durable materials, extremely bright with up to 500 lumens to maintain high intensity and long lasting illumination.
  • 100% Portable: Features a magnetic base for hanging in a tent, use in the garage, inside the house or in any emergency or power outage situation. In addition, it includes a hook on its top from which it can be hung as well.
  • Thanks to the latest LED technology, Smart Pop up Light is able to illuminate in 360 degrees being able to position it in such a way that a wider area can be covered than with other lamps.
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Main advantages:

LED lamp
The world's most powerful LED lamp for camping and blackouts!
High power
This high-capacity camping lamp gives you up to 500 lumens of light. Powered by 3 AA alkaline batteries.
Long lasting light
Instant on with just a pull of a handle and over 50,000 hours of life.
Perfect for any situation
Can be used in a tent, for working in the garage, in the house where there is no good lighting, during a power cut...
Lightweight, compact and sturdy
ABS plastic design and base make it highly resistant and lightweight.
100% safe
Battery operated, it is one of the safest on the market as it reduces the chances of fire or accident to 99%.


What type of batteries are needed?
This lamp is powered by 3 AA batteries, a great backup for times of emergency.
How does the Smart Pop up Light work?
It's very simple, as it turns on instantly in a matter of seconds by pulling the handle.
Can it be hung or is it only for use on surfaces?
Thanks to its magnetic base and hook at the top, it can be hung anywhere.
What is its weight?
Less than 450 gr. This lamp is very light, compact, reliable and very easy to transport and store.
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The best option on the market

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